About Us

About Us

We have been writing content for sports and fitness specialists for a number of years. We write content on behalf of our clients for them to post on their own platforms. 


We pride ourselves in being expert content writers for the Health and Fitness industry. Our clients regularly tell us how the regular content we write for them has enabled them to grow their business.

Our clients have experienced customer growth from us posting daily Instagram posts alone, others clients have been able to expand to doing more classes after seeing a rise in engagement follow our written content.

01 Website Content

Website content is so important when it comes to your google ranking and the best way to do this is through regular content. We are experienced SEO writers and understand how to build an audience with great content.

02 Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

If you’re not posting media daily on social media then your indirect audience might miss you. We use the best software in the industry to create content in pictures. We know the best time to post and also the types of content your readers want.

03 Emails for Clients

Every day we help our clients create great content for their distribution lists on email. Often emails to clients can be over looked by website and social media content, however your subscribers deserve to receive great content!

04 Market Knowledge

We understand the health and fitness industry very well. If you’re looking for support about where to advertise your services then we can help. With our localised knowledge we can create a list of places to maximise your service – local to your location.

05 Content Planner

Planning is the most important part of any content strategy. Before we do anything we create a tailored content plan with time scales. Our content plan includes: who are your customers, who will be looking to target.

06 Aftercare Support

Don’t worry, once we have posted something or created content for you we are not going to disappear. When the posts start getting comments and likes we will be happy to respond back to them to encourage more conversation.



We offer all of our cleints a free consultation to identify how we can help. Send us an email on Hello@fitnesswriters.co.uk


We have written for clients who operate within the health and fitness industry for a number of years and had great results when it comes to writing content to allow them to get more clients.  Below are the types of clients we deal with. 

Health and Fitness Influencers

Types of Clients and specialisms Include

  • Health and fitness specialists
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Personal Trainers including: Group specialists, Boot Camp coach’s, Boxing coaches, disability focussed trainers.

Nutritional Specialists

Types of clients and specialisms include:

  • Dietitians and Sports chefs.
  • Alterative therapy focussed specialists such as Acupuncture and Mctimoney practitioners and Sports Therapists

Gyms, Sports & Websites

Type of clients include:

We work with both small and large sports chains and write great content to really engage their followers. This can also include working with existing marketing teams.


Email: Hello@fitnesswriters.co.uk


We are leading content writers for the sports and fitness industry. We write great content on behalf of our clients to help them bring more intrest to their website or social media. 


Monday - Friday: 7am - 10pm

Saturday: 8am - 10pm

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