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We are Health and Fitness Ghost Writers who write regular content for: Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and other leading health and fitness specialists. The content is written by us but hosted by our clients on their social media or websites.


We have been helping Personal Trainers, Nutritionalists, Sports Coaches, Gyms and other health associated proffessionals enhance their brand awareness by writing content for them. Our service allows our clients to:

Have regular Content to their Websites and Social Media Platforms

Gain more followers and clients
Improve visibibility and Google Rankings

Social media for Personal Trainers


If your not feeding your followers with daily content they wont pay much attention to you, lets fix this!


To keep your website ranking above your competitors you need quality and seo driven content. We can help...

Social media for Personal Trainers
Social media for Personal Trainers


Allow us to identify how to keep your people on your email list engaged by creating email focused content..


Let us create a winning content plan

We start sending you content to upload or upload it on your behalf (with your permission)

Your online profile starts ranking higher on search engines

You start gaining more followers and traffic to your platforms which means…more clients.

Get Free Initial Consultation

Get in touch with us to see how we can help. We write all types of content per week. Our focus is on the Health and Fitness industry so if this sounds like you then please get in touch. 


We' ve built a long standing relationship with our clients and create regular content to help them maximise their reach to potential clients. We take the time to understand local and industry specific market trends to identify what your audience is interested in.

Benefits of our service includes:

  • Rank higher in Google searches
  • Engage more with your readers
  • Give your audience more reasons to take an interest in your service
  • Increase the visibility of your brand
  • Position yourself as an online industry expert
  • Generate more hits to your website
  • And finally regular content leads to more people enquiring about your service.


We have written for clients who operate within the health and fitness industry for a number of years and had great results when it comes to writing content to allow them to get more clients.  Below are the types of clients we deal with. 

Health and Fitness Influencers

Types of Clients Include

  • Health and fitness specialists
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Personal Trainers including: Group specialists, Boot Camp coach’s, Boxing coaches, disability focussed trainers.

Nutritional Specialists

Types of clients include:

  • Dietitians and Sports chefs.
  • Alterative therapy focussed specialists such as Acupuncture and Mctimoney practitioners and Sports Therapists

Gyms, Sports & Websites

Type of clients include:

We work with both small and large sports chains and write great content to really engage their followers. This can also include working with existing marketing teams.


Email: Hello@fitnesswriters.co.uk


We are leading content writers for the sports and fitness industry. We write great content on behalf of our clients to help them bring more intrest to their website or social media. 


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